Below are a series of electrical projects designed by Amir. The final schematic, programming for ICs and printed circuit boards can be requested from HERE.

Integrated Power Controller
Rotation Controller
Adjustable Constant Current Load
Digital Thermometer
Proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller
Peak Voltage Recorder
Light Management System
Gas Leakage Detector
Frequency-Voltage Corrector
Current Converter Circuit
Photovoltaic Battery Charger
Narrowband Signal Processing
Resistance Relay Tester
Multiple Security System
Fire Sprinkler Circuit
Speed Controller for DC Motors download
X-Y Graph Positioning Rotation
Industrial Pack Marker
Automatic Faders
Liquid Level Detector
Virtual Inverting
Movement Analyzer
Depth Measurement
Nonlinear Signal Conditioning
Polarity Changer
Parasit Reducer in Printed Circuit Board
Angle Optimizer for Solar Panels
Dice Cube with Light-emitting Diodes
Preamplifier for Mics
Low-Noise Sound Recorder
Comparator Serializer with Monitoring
Loudness Indicator with LED