Principles of Jazz Improvisation

Principles of Jazz Improvisation

My purpose in writing this book is to provide beginner jazz improvisers the fundamental musical-theoretical knowledge which they require as a professional musician. As a theoric handbook, it presents information about melodic elements of jazz, along with numerous examples that demonstrate those elements within the musical expression. As you may know, Jazz brought a renaissance in improvisation providing a musical style that is conducive to spontaneous creation by utilizing standard musical elements such as form, harmony, and beyond all consistent and coherent melodies.

We have to know, absorption and utilization of theory which is the improviser’s tool, in no way can guarantee an impressive musical personality. The player must do his best to achieve the ability not only through studying but also by practicing the techniques. Being in jam sessions would be a chance for a beginner to improve both listening and playing in a band, especially to develop playing jazz standards in different keys and tempos.

The methodology of compiling the materials is considered as a beginner to advanced level. This work was a great opportunity for me to add new materials and omit a few things from my experience.

Please feel free to share your ideas about this book, I will do consider your opinions in the next editions.

All the best, Amir Shahabi

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