Elementary Jazz Piano Tutorial in Persian

The main purpose offering these sets of visual jazz series is to assist and support students from any levels even those with different musical background. The specifications that make these series distinguishable from similar educational records are as follows:

1-students can benefit from simple ways that used in these series to explain step by step training and maximise their learning in a very short period of time

2-classifications from different sources in conjunction with teacher’s experience made it easy for student to learn jazz piano. These series can even help students who are not familiar with musical notes.

3-Students who are interested in composing Jazz with other music styles can benefit from these series and familiarise themselves with different Jazz chords

Some of the offered categories in these series are as follows:

Major and Minor chords orientation

Divers samples for practicing to differentiate right hand and the left

Introducing different chords in Jazz music and inverted chords

Orientation in improvisation

Introducing famous and popular Jazz musicians

Describing and analysing standard jazz song`s

Single Image